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Please follow the instruction below to do this holiday home work.

  1. CLICK HERE to open the home work.
  2. LOGIN with your Gmail
  3. Enter this “PASSWORD
  4. To open and start the HOME WORK, look up on top of this home work view, click “OPEN WITH GOOGLE DOCS” or click arrow on the right and select “GOOGLE DOCS“.
  5. Do the “HOME WORK“, after you finish click “FILE” on the menu up left, then click “EMAIL AS ATTACHMENT
  6. Click arrow under “ATTACH AS” and select “MICROSOFT WORD
  7. On “TO” column enter (
  8. On the “MESSAGE” box type in the following with your information’s CHILD NAME:  TELEPHONE:CLASS: PARENT NAME:
  9. Then finally click “SEND” to submit your HOME WORK.
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